Who We Are

Our Mission

Old Nerd in the Gym began as a simple fitness blog but became a way for our founder to help people like himself to achieve a healthier life, physically and emotionally. We will support people through personal training, informative podcasts, online programs, and live presentations.

Old Nerd has three areas of practice:

1) General Personal Fitness Training
2) Caregiver Health and Fitness Support
3) Anti-Bullying Programs & Presentations


Our Staff

Gery Deer
Executive Director

Gery is the “Old Nerd in the Gym,” a lifetime entrepreneur and founder of Old Nerd. Started originally as a simple fitness blog to chronicle his journey, he recognized there was another way he could help people like himself and expanded Old Nerd into a resource for better health and fitness. He started his fitness journey at the young age of 49 and has become an avid endurance cyclist and did his first 100K ride in 2017 after only 5 weeks of training. Since then he has 3 additional 100-mile (century) rides under his belt. As primary caregiver to his father, Gary Sr., Gery has adapted what he’s learned into a program of strength and mobility therapy for him. Now he’s working to help other caregivers to understand the importance of self-care and how they can work with their charge to maintain a healthier life.


Julie Barth
Media Director

Julie is originally from New Jersey and also lived in Michigan for several years. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Heidelberg University and has spent her adult life in the Ohio Valley. Julie is a busy mom who loves reading, movies, and a relative newbie when it comes to fitness but has always loved swimming and walking outside. She has recently added bicycling, weight training and yoga to her regular fitness routine. . Julie has been producing and directing the Old Nerd Podcast for us since she graduated from ICB in Dayton with a degree in Audio and VIdeo production. She loves sharing her skills and her fitness journey with us here at the Old Nerd in the Gym podcast every week.