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Podcast Season 2: Episode 9 –  Parenting and the Old Nerd – CP Dad

Based on the series of screening questions, a total of 12.8 percent of children under age 18 in the United States, or about 9.4 million children, are estimated to have special health care needs. Children with special health care needs are present in 20 percent of U.S. households with children. (Source:

For every one of these children, there are a host of caregivers which can include parents, grandparents, siblings, and other family and friends. Roger Hines II and his wife Angela of Troy, Ohio are just such parents. Their 17-year-old son, Kolton, has cerebral palsy (CP). Roger has written a book about his journey as the parent of a special needs child. His book, “CP Dad: My Life as a Special Needs Parent” is a trip through his personal journey with his son.

Taking care of yourself is difficult enough when you are a caregiver to a senior family member or other adults. But as a parent, it brings a whole different level of emotional, mental and physical strength and fortitude. In his words …

“Being a special needs parent or, in my case “CP DAD,” isn’t easy. My son can’t talk. He can’t walk or feed himself. He can’t take himself to the restroom. He still wears diapers at the age of seventeen. My mornings and days don’t start out the way other families’ do. It takes a great deal of patience. Everything is a process. Kolton is fully dependent on me for all daily living needs and activities-bathing, diaper changes every two-and-half to three hours, appointments, mobility, and transportation to and from school daily. I have to prepare and make sure he receives proper daily nutrition fluids and medications through his G-tube (a plastic tube that is inserted into his stomach to provide nutrition directly to his belly). My son is on a pureed diet, meaning he can’t chew food and gets all nutrition through his G-tube, which I prepare freshly for him every twenty-four hours.”

And that is their daily routine. With Angela a full-time nurse and Roger staying home to look after Kolton and working part-time in his pressure-washing business, the stress can really take over. But, thanks to their positive outlook and commitment to their son, they’re doing the best they can to give him a good life.

Join Julie and Gery as they talk with Roger about his family’s experience and the book he has penned about it. His hope is that it will help other families realize they aren’t alone and to look at every day as a gift.

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