Help me raise $500 to fight childhood cancer

“Our vision is a world without cancer where all kids are living life, NOT fighting for it.” – Children’s Cancer Research Fund (CCRF)

There are few things in the world more tragic than a child struggling with cancer. It’s almost unthinkable. As with any disease, fighting it takes constant research and that costs money – millions of dollars every year. That’s why the Children’s Cancer Research Fund (CCRF) is working to help raise money for the fight against childhood cancer and one particular fundraiser not only helps kids, offers a healthy way for people to participate!

The Great Cycle Challenge USA is a national fundraising initiative of CCRF held throughout the month of June. Cyclists at every level can help raise money by setting mileage and donation goals then hitting the road (safely, of course). I have set a goal of 200 miles and $500 in donations and I get started on June 1st with an early morning ride of just 6 miles! You can help – just  by go to my page at the event website and make ANY size donation!

My first ride is Friday, June 1st, and it’s less than 10 miles but I’ll be at the Troy, Ohio Strawberry Festival’sBerry Bike Tour,” on Saturday to complete a 30-mile organized tour. From there it’s a race to get in 200 miles before the end of the month!

Why am I doing this?

Childhood health problems kept me in and out of the hospital for most of my life until I was about 21 years old. Weeks on end spent with other kids with myriad problems meant you got to know each other a bit – and you saw some pretty rough stuff. I knew kids with serious birth defects, burns, and various other issues. But what hit me hardest were those struggling with cancer. I wasn’t involved with many but the ones I met made an impression, even at a very young age. They were scared, but courageous – with families who were doing everything they could to keep hope alive and spirits up. I cannot imagine being a parent and having to watch your child go through something like that. We need to do more to stop it. I’m not a doctor or researcher, but I can ride a bike and I can ask for your help – so that’s what I’m doing!

Support my ride goal throughout June and make a difference! Thanks!

Have confidence in your donation!

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